Offset Press

It was our painful experience that the wheelchair users, even if they are qualified is not able to perform a job outside. They cannot reach, enter, and use the facilities due to the lack of barrier-free environment. Santhigiri printing press was an alternative to the wheelchair users for training and employment.

Santhigiri Printing Press was started in 2004 in Santhigiri campus. Printing works are obtained from various institutions outside and inside and the Unit functions like any other professional offset printers. Presently 15 are permanently employed in the Santhigiri Offset press.

This year witnessed the second phase expansion of the press. A new German printing press was purchased along with perfect binding machine, wire stitching machine, perforation, cutting and creasing machine, mini printing machine. The entire unit was renovated. We now hope to employ 10 to 15 more PwD shortly.